Selling Your House

Connons of Stonehaven can carry out the entire sale procedure for you, including the estate agency and the conveyancing. Our Property Partner Gordon Ritchie has over 35+ years experience in house sales in this area. You want your house sale to go as smoothly as possible and this is where Connons can help.
Free Sale Valuation

Before you decide to sell, Connons can arrange for a valuation of your home and advise you on a realistic asking price. We will explain the selling process and provide a written quotation for fees and outlays, with explanations.

Home Report

This is required before your house can go on the market and Connons will arrange the survey report and energy performance certificate, and finalise the Report for you

Particulars of Your House

It is important that your house is presented to the best advantage and Connons will prepare full glossy sale particulars and deal with all aspects of the marketing of your house.


Connons will deal with all aspects of the conveyancing for the sale of your house including obtaining the title deeds from your Lender, negotiating the sale, concluding the terms of the sale in writing and dealing with all matters involved up to the date of settlement.

Aberdeen Solicitors’ Property Centre

As Members of ASPC, Connons will use the facility of the Property Centre to make details of your property available to as wide a market as possible, including insertion in the free Property Register, display in the Centre in Chapel Street, Aberdeen and on ASPC’s web site.

To sell your property, Connons can provide the following services:

Best advice on the right price for your house.


Preparation of a detailed glossy Schedule of Particulars with photographs


For Sale sign at your property.
Advertising on our website and in our Property Shop and Window – the best window in Stonehaven.
Advertising in Aberdeen Solicitors’ Property Centre. Details will be displayed in the Centre in Chapel Street, Aberdeen and are advertised weekly in the free Property Register Newspaper and on the ASPC Web Site,
Arranging preparation of Home Report.
Provide a detailed quotation showing all fees and outlays for the sale. There are no hidden extras.
A speedy and prompt service. We can normally have your house on the market within a few days of receiving your instructions.

Connons can also offer an efficient conveyancing service for the sale of your property including:


Obtaining title deeds from your lender.
Accepting an offer on your behalf, negotiating the terms with the buyers Solicitors and concluding Missives of Sale.
Sending the title deeds to the buyers Solicitors and resolving any queries regarding the title.
Obtaining Property Enquiry Certificates and searches.
Obtaining redemption statement from your lender.
Arranging for settlement of the sale and handing over the keys.
Repaying your loan.
 Providing a full breakdown of fees and outlays with all explanations as soon as possible after the date of entry.